Welcome to the Elrond Lions Club!

The Elrond Lions Club is the home of 5555 algorithmically generated Elrond Lions spread across 8 base species. With over 140+ possible traits, each lion is guaranteed to be unique in its own way.

The Elrond Lions are the 1st generation of Elrond Lions Club NFTs and your ticket to expanding your pride. As a Elrond Lions Club NFT holder, you get the opportunity to claim a 2nd generation lioness. Mate your lion and lioness to make cubs and raise your own pride.

Join The Pride!

Base Species

Common Lion

Snow Lion







Why Elrond Lions Club?

Super Unique

8 base species. 140+ possible traits. 1 Elrond Lions Club.

Lioness Drop

2nd generation Lionesses for Elrond Lions Club NFT Holders.

Passive Income

90% of royalty distributed back to the community through lottery or quizzes. 


Create 3rd generation cubs when the breeding season drops. 


Donate a certain amount to charities working with lions. Charities will be decided by a community vote.


Don’t let your NFTs sit idle in your wallet. Gamification will engage the community and improve the utility of your lions.

Deflationary Mechanism

Improves the intrinsic value of your NFTs.

Ever-evolving Roadmap

Constant improvements to the roadmap to grow the Elrond Lions Club.

Your Elrond Lions Club NFT is not a simple JPEG.

As a holder, you get an opportunity to make passive income and create more NFTs without having to spend an extra dime. With an ever expanding roadmap, your lions will have a ton of utility and won’t just gather dust in your Maiar wallet.


Ground Zero - Complete
Launching the Elrond Lions Club Brand. Twitter, Discord, and Website.
Giveaway 1 - Complete
5 Lucky winners were selected from a draw.
Giveaway 2 - Complete
5 more Lucky winners were selected from a draw.
Presale - Complete
1000/5555 Elrond Lions Club NFTs sold within 24 hours at a presale price of 0.25 EGLD.
Pride Zero Sale - Complete
1500 Elrond Lions Club NFTs are available on for 0.35 EGLD on December 2, 19:00 UTC.
Launch - Jan 10 [SOLD OUT]
A public launch will be held at a launch price of 0.5 EGLD. (Date: TBA)
Passive Income Generation
Holders of Lions and Lionesses will receive passive income through LKMEX farming. 50% of the royalty will be added to the farm every month.
Lionesses Reveal
The 2nd generation of Elrond Lions Club will have 3277 Elrond Lionesses. Holders with 2 Elrond Lions can claim a 2nd generation Lioness.
Breeding Season
Mate your lion and lioness to make a cub. We’ll make it as cute as possible. Promise! Breeding rules coming soon.
Launch of Merch Store and Charity
We will launch our merch store where you can buy Elrond Lions Club goodies. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charities working for the welfare of lions.
Do more with your Elrond lions. Top secret project that could allow your Elrond Lions to roam the savanna and not waste their time in your wallet.
Deflationary Mechanism
Huge value boost for All the 3 generation NFT holders. (Spoiler: Your lions could die forever!) More information is coming soon.








Technical Partner


End of november. Follow us on Twitter and Discord to get the latest updates regarding the launch.

A total of 5555 first generation lions and 3277 second generation lionesses will be created.

The number of cubs will depend on the breeding rules (coming soon).

Yes, the presale was completed on Oct 30. All 1000 Elrond Lions were sold within 24 hours.

No, the distribution of Elrond Lions is completely random during launch and presale.

However, you can buy your favorite lions once the Elrond Lions Club hits the secondary market.

The core team of Elrond Lions Club is a creative-first team. 

We have a partnership with Moonlorian to help us with Elrond blockchain integration. 

There are plans to bring more partnerships to the table that will make Elrond Lions Club one of the best NFTs on the Elrond Blockchain.